At last night’s parish council meeting Tuesday the 23rd February, Cranage resident Nicola Burton Wood Barker  raised her concerns regarding the particulate pollution levels emanating from the M6, and that no one was taking levels to determine the extent, she requested that either Cheshire East or the Parish Council request a survey, and to that end she put forward the name of a company that could do this survey (Dustscan).the Parish Council took the decision to investigate the cost of such a survey from (Dustscan),we wait to see what the cost will be, and if the parish then take this forward as a first step to protect residents health,

The chronicles view is that a survey is required no matter what it costs to establish a base line of the level of pollution that already exists before the M6 volume of daily traffic is increased. The cost to all of us via the NHS runs into millions all from pollution, the recent publication from the royal college of surgeons states 40000 deaths per year now linked to pollution.