flicking through our emails to the site we picked up this valid question from a local resident


I am outraged at the actions and attitude of Cranage Parish Council. As a resident of the parish, I have recently been asked to give our views on a small piece of land the residents of the parish owns. A questionnaire was sent out to residents to ask what should happen to the land, the results of which were shared at a recent parish council meeting.

Despite the results of the questionnaire demonstrating that most residents wanted the piece of land left as grazing, four members of the parish council decided to ignore democracy and go ahead with their proposal of building affordable housing on the land.

What are the parish council up to? Why would they go against the advice and recommendations from residents and decide to continue their quest for unwanted housing? Housing on this small piece of grazing land would be a blight on the landscape, not what Cranage residents want and spoil or small rural community for good!

Are some members of the Cranage parish council forging ahead with their proposal for their own gain?

Surely a parish council’s role is to listen to its parishioners and do their best for Cranage!

Ruth Choudhry



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