Last Tuesday  at the parish council meeting they  discussed  the sebelco application although it wasn’t on the original agenda posted on the web page,  only a handful of residents attended who obviously were there to voice their objection to the parish councils previous decision of no objection.

over 300 letters of objection were sent in to Cheshire east over the first application, the majority from cranage. Two councillors were prevented from voting due to the recent ruling from Cheshire east monitoring officer which is the subject of a judicial review.

This time after some debate they voted to object to the proposal .

Then went on to discuss sending a leaflet to all residents basically asking for residents to lodge their objections to both Cheshire East and Cheshire West, we would urge all residents to re submit their complaints or lodge new ones

This can be done on line the application number is 17/3605W objections must be in by the 24th august for Cheshire east and 17/03104/MIN by 23rd of august for Cheshire west 

It’s ironic that this web site was criticised  by two now ex councillors for printing articles objecting to sebelcos application, yet now we see the parish council are actively getting involved with residents and promoting the residents views ,let’s hope this attitude continues  with other issues that residents are concerned about ,such as the noise levels from the M6 and the pollution levels in general.

Further items covered the M6 and the noise levels, councillor Mike Hodge presented a report over the meeting he attended with residents and Cheshire east councillor Andrew Kolker  and representatives from Tilon the noise absorbing fence manufactures, and they agreed to look into ways of obtaining and funding an independent noise survey and are to contact Cheshire East.

Concerns were discussed over the speeding of cars etc on all the local roads, councillor Mike Cohen brought several signs with him that he said could be put up by residents and that he had already done so on Middlewich road.

Whilst this on first inspection this seems a good idea  perhaps a better way would be for the PC to obtain the permissions and pay for erection of signs that encourage drivers to slow down, these signs have to be sited correctly for safety reasons and approved accordingly by the highways authorities  not just put up randomly, otherwise it could be argued that the signs distracted a driver involved in an accident.

Councillor Cohen raised his concern that this web site did not make it clear that it was not the parish councils official web site and wanted it to be altered.

This web site has criticised with good cause the actions or non-action of the parish council on various matters over several years, and has brought concerns to light when councillors have been seen to promote something that directly benefits them and  given a platform for residents to voice their concerns over these various matters. it is supported by a number of  residents.

it will continue to give a platform to residents to air their views, and will not be altering the heading in any way.