On the agenda for the next meeting of the parish council to be held at Cranage Village Hall on Tuesday  the 27th January at 7.30pm the following items should be of interest to all residents .

Middlewich road the paddock

You may remember this was the subject of a questionnaire sent out by the PC which overwhelmingly voted to keep the land as it is just grazing land.217 against the housing development 37 for development

A somewhat heated meeting that was well attended heard with disbelief that the then chairman still wished to sell the land for housing, he has since resigned.

It’s now some  18  months since that meeting  and the land has still not been safeguarded from developers it’s on the agenda to update residents .

The bridge over river dane

The parish council is to discuss its position on the proposed bridge, the results of the recent referendums carried out by both cranage and holmes chapel  Parish Council.

The total returned for cranage was 33 out of 450 sent out  and Holmes chapel 103 out of 2500 sent out. A total 69 said to go ahead 67 said not to. Given the very poor number of returns and that some of the yes votes included that they wanted it to be

  • totally illuminated for the safety of children using it
  • and that they wanted a guarantee from Cheshire east that the school bus would not be removed (Cheshire east have not given a guarantee regarding this )

It is clear that there is not sufficient support to warrant the expenditure that was discussed, and therefore it’s to be hoped this kills off this project once and for all.

Woodside Golf Development

This is on the agenda

It is the subject of an appeal process at the present time,

There has been a substantial amount of opposition to this development by local residents.

This parish council needs to decide if they want to turn Cranage into a town or stay as a village.

Given all the above items it’s in resident’s interest to attend to hear first-hand what the parish council are doing or intend to do