The following is an extract from the Chairmans Report to the residents of Cranage Parish in April 2013

“One of the issues which has been the subject of much discussion and on which you have all had a questionmaire, is the land on the corner of the A50 and Middlewich road.  Without reiterating too much of what was documented, this land has an existing permission to build Affordable house and for a number of reasons, we as a council have decided at the moment not to go ahead. Some of us felt that the site is not a suitable location (not sustainable), that seems to be a current buzzword! Some feel the amount of money offered was not enough.  Some of us believe it should be developed, others feel strongly that it should be retained as an amenity for the village.

You’re input in completing the questionnaire is important in helping us to finalise a decision on what is a valuable asset either as a local amenity eg a wild flower meadow, or to bring funds to spend on other projects in the village

Comment : The Cranage People responded to the questionnaire but the Chairman of the Cranage Parish Council seem to be ignoring the views of the residents

Cranage Chairmans report