No acknowledgement was given by the chairman or clerk and the matter was differed yet again

We are now entering year four after the referendum was held and still the paddock is not protected in a legal framework to safeguard it from developers and any future rouge parish council or chairman of the council.

(Good evening ladies and gentlemen

My name is Peter Wild

I wish to draw attention to item 9 on the agenda  land at middlewich road known by locals as the paddock.

Just to give a brief history for those that don’t know, the land was left to the residents of cranage in 1782 in an enclosure award and was managed by the parish council

Some  nine years ago the parish council decided to obtain possessory title which those residents that new thought this was to protect it from developers,

But the council then went on to get planning permission which has now expired for housing, when residents found out there was not surprisingly uproar and the council was forced into holding a referendum which had a very high turnout and an overwhelming  vote for it not to be developed.

The council three years ago decided that the paddock should be placed in some form of legal position to protect it from developers and any future parish council that didn’t refer it to the residents. Especially after the then chairman had stated he still wanted to ignore the referendum and sell the land.

Over twelve months ago having sought specialist legal advice from knights solicitors and lawyers at Chester  they decided to take the advice to form a company made up of residents and at least one parish councillor at all times

The parish council approached a number of residents and we now have  a board of directors that  consist of three residents and a parish councillor, who have all been vetted by knights to be suitable .

The articles of association have been agreed after a great deal of work by councillor Hodge and myself. Along with knights specialist in this matter.

These conditions clearly spell out that the company cannot sell or gain any income from the paddock nor can they pay any dividends or income to the directors  and it is a purely  holding company,

They must transfer the land back to the parish council for a £1.00 on request, providing that the parish council have carried out a properly held referendum that gives a clear majority in favour of such action.

The company must give a lease to the parish council  for them to administer the paddock for grazing and the maintenance of the hedges and fences.

This action was clearly designed by the lawyers to make sure no development takes place without the resident’s approval who are the rightful owners. And the valuable asset is not lost to the community

The parish council have asked the secretary of state for approval of the transfer and I also contacted the secretary of state and he basically says it’s something for the parish council to decide.

Yet twelve months on parts of the parish council still prevaricate and delay this action!

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