Cranage Paddock History

You may drive past it everyday, you may witness the many crashes that happen at the junction through out the year, but below we explain the history of the paddock

Extract from Cheshire archives

The land now known as the paddock was owned by Thomas b hall esquire in 1767

The land was enclosed in 1782 with the condition attached that it was for the benefit of the poor, in a manor to be decided by ratepayers of the township of cranage (which was succeeded in 1894 by cranage parish council).

Part of the wording says

but to be made use of for such purposes and in such manner for  the benefit of the said poor as by a majority of the persons contributing to the poor rates should from time to time at their meetings normally called town meetings be in person agreed upon.

The parish council rented it out from 1894 to the present day .

The parish council in 2006 decided to apply for possessory  title to the land and to register same at the land registry. This it was assumed by residents  would safe guard it from any development.

In 2007  the parish council sought outline planning permission for ten houses a rather strange thing to do has they were objecting to the low cost now built and known as big stone gardens .literally a stone’s throw  from the paddock.

In 2013 the parish sent out a questionnaire to residents 212 voted for no development with largest number wanting it left for grazing 37 voted for development.

Letter to Cranage Residents

An important read if you are new to the site where we cover off the actual number of residents who are against the selling off the paddock for housing development, the figures never stack up and you can see by the numbers below!  Full story found here Letter Cranage Resdients

For development for housing

Against Development of Housing on the Paddock

Cranage Parish Paddock Event Timeline

In 2006 Cranage parish council obtain possessory title to the land (this was thought by residents to ensure that the land was used as previously for grazing. And to stop anyone from taking possession to develop it. And that the land was still owned by residents). you can read the story from 2006 to the present day here Parish Time Event Line


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The ink is hardly dry

This was the most bizarre meeting I have ever attended, firstly a lady had been invited to explain the procedure for implementing a neighbourhood plan, and unfortunately due to ill health the two councillors who at the previous meeting agreed to start to look at the procedure were not in attendance. Nor had it been advertised to allow residents who may have had a view on this to attend.

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Cranage Parish Council Statement of Resignation John Irlam

I want to speak at this point as it will pre empt some of the questions later on. I had accepted quite a long time ago that the support I hoped to get from some residents for developing the Paddock, was not forthcoming and I would not be able to continue to support...

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91 year old Cranage resident speaks about the Paddock

A short story from a 91 year old a resident of Cranage who has lived here all her life. Just a few words concerning the Paddock on Middlewich Road. I myself being an old Cranage resident feel very strongly about it all. I had Grandparents living at Mr Hopley's, the...

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What is Cranage Parish Council up to?

flicking through our emails to the site we picked up this valid question from a local resident   I am outraged at the actions and attitude of Cranage Parish Council. As a resident of the parish, I have recently been asked to give our views on a small piece of...

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Vote Against Affordable Housing in Cranage

The items below are direct extracts taken word for word from the documents on the Cranage parish website. July 24th 2012 agenda Part2 Discussion of affordable housing at Middlewich Road Minutes for July 2012   90/12 land at Middlewich Road Mr J Ashall attended...

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Cheshire east’s own criteria for sustainable development

Cheshire east’s own criteria for sustainable development in the countryside sets out the list below The paddock would not meet any of the  criteria other than B Amenity                                             recommended maximum distance (m) A        shop selling...

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Question to Cheshire Planning Committee

below is a copy of the question raised in July at the East Cheshire Planning Committee in July 2013 Good afternoon my name is joan wild  a resident of cranage but not directly affected by this proposal. The Paddock at Middlewich Road is agricultural land i.e. not...

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Cranage Parish Chairmans Report April 2013

The following is an extract from the Chairmans Report to the residents of Cranage Parish in April 2013 "One of the issues which has been the subject of much discussion and on which you have all had a questionmaire, is the land on the corner of the A50 and Middlewich...

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