You will have now received the latest parish council newsletter that invites all residents to attend the annual parish meeting on the

19th of April  at 7.30 pm in the Cranage village hall.

The guest speaker will be Mr Phil Mason senior enforcement officer –environmental protection and air quality. For Cheshire east .

Residents are urged to attend to hear first-hand what measures Cheshire east are taking or will be taking to protect residents from the harmful effects of noise and pollution that the M6 is the cause of.

The answers should prove enlightening, especially that this is the gentleman that confirmed Cheshire east have no equipment to test for particulates M10-M2.5 since the equipment they did have originally, which was not very good was stolen. (seriously who steals this sort of equipment?)

Perhaps residents might like to ask what is the parish council doing about getting a survey done, previously requested by a resident that they seek a survey by Dustscan a renowned firm of experts in assessing pollution .

They may also like to ask what action are Cheshire east taking on the noise levels. And pollution.

This is your opportunity to get some answers. From the person directly responsible to protect our health.

Tell  your friends and neighbours.

More information posted as it happens on cranage parish chronicle Web pages.