It was very regrettable to learn on Tuesday night that councillor ‘Dominique Madden had tendered her resignation from the parish council , the reason for this is she felt that she could no longer serve on the council that has a collective, is seen to support the sibelco planning application when this is not the view she holds, and given that two other councillors have the same view but were thwarted in taking part in the vote on sebelcos application in October and despite attempts to rescind that vote. and her request that the PC send out a leaflet asking for residents views  all of which were ignored, she feels she can no longer take part .

Councillor Maddon has been a very active councillor whilst being on the council ,she was given the task of getting the children’s play area extended for older children and attended various meetings with Cheshire east and contractors, organised funding from various sources to ensure the full cost didn’t fall all to parish funds.

Her energy will be sadly missed.