As some of you will know the question was raised could the contractors plant a line of conifers along the M6 to help control sound pollution and given that the Nox levels are rising both on oak tree lane and Northwich road shown by the data collected and that Northwich road is about to breach the safe level of (40)

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Sent: 11 April 2017 12:44
To: Mr & Mrs Wild
Subject: conifers
Mrs Wild

Further to our conversation this morning, as you are aware Kate Beirne has left the Highways England and her position as project manager will be filled within 2 weeks. I do not have the details for him as yet but I will forward you his contact details as soon as he arrives. At this moment I do not have any other contact details to give you at the moment other than for you to send an email to Highways England with your request at [email protected].

I have checked the drawings and there appears to be no plans to sound proof Middlewich road bridge or Byley lane. There will be sound proof fencing prior to Oak tree lane on the south bound side.  In relation to the planting of conifers, to confirm: they cannot be planted the motorway side of the fence due to the long term maintenance of them and the need to change the existing plans with such issues as the overhead gantries and emergency refuge areas and drainage issues.

The land adjoining the perimeter fencing is privately owned by local landowners and the planting of conifers would be an issue for you to take up with them and not Highways England. I’m sorry I am unable to assist you further and if there is anything else you require please let myself or Sam know.



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Residents Response

to Adam Morrall


with regards to maintenance being required by conifers this I would disagree with, they are one of only a few trees that never require any work, in my view there is sufficient land between the carriage way and the fence to have no impact on any drains or services, this land is also an embankment for much of its length so with conifers planted at the top against the fence gives more screening visually of the motorway .

you indicate a sound proof fence on the south bound side near to oak tree lane,

with respect I think you are looking at an old plan, there was a proposed short section adjacent to the now demolished bungalow called the haven at the end of oak tree lane. This property was demolished for reasons of pollution and noise from the M6 and planning permission was agreed for two properties to be built on the north bound side further away from the motorway ,this included the removal of the existing farm house also.

when highways realized this they said that they would no longer construct the sound proof fence. perhaps you might wish to comment?

Given that the Nox levels are rising both on oak tree lane and Northwich road shown by the data collected and that Northwich road is about to breach the safe level of (40) which I know highways say it’s not their responsibility but for Cheshire east to deal with ,

I’m sure you can see the serious impact this is all having and it contravenes the human rights act, in that the wellbeing of all residents is affected.


peter wild

So who will step up and do the right thing?  Highways Agency, Cheshire East, Cranage Parish Council?

Don’t hold your breath!

Well actually it’s probably wise to hold your breath if you are travelling around the parish

Other ideas that were also put forward, which again fell on death ears were these noise walls which are deployed in other areas of the country