Some eighty plus residents of the parish attended the meeting to ask why the Parish Council had decided at a previous meeting not to object to Sibelco’s planning  application for a sand quarry at Rudheath Loge Farm on Knutsford Road in Cranage,

The meeting was boisterous to say the least: the Chairman ordered one of the residents to leave the meeting, claiming that the individual concerned had submitted a complaint about him and that he had been advised not to have any contact. The resident stated that he was not discussing his complaint and only wanted to talk about the planning application. The Chairman became visibly agitated and threatened to end the meeting if the resident did not leave immediately.

Residents asked ,

  • Why hadn’t the Parish Council sent a a letter to all residents asking for their views on such a large planning application that will affect everyone for twelve years or more?
  •  How had the Parish Council come to the decision to not object?
  • Would the Parish Council withdraw the decision of 22nd October not to object to the application on the ground that residents had not been made aware of the meeting? (It appears that Parish Council is legally required to give three clear days’ notice of a meeting  and post notices on the notice boards).

Many residents were unhappy with the Parish Council’s responses which failed to address the points that had been raised.

The Parish Council did agree that they could have communicated better with residents.

This still leaves the no objection letter on file when it’s quite clear that more than the majority of residents are opposed to this plan, Cheshire East have received more than 270 letters of objection with more still arriving.

What can be learned from this is that some members of the Parish Council have not been listening to the residents.

The planning officer at Cheshire East has stated that letters can be sent in beyond the date of the 8th of December 2016 shown on the web page and they will still be counted.. If you feel strongly enough then I would encourage you to do so, you can do it online.

Just log onto the Cheshire East page which can be done via this LINK , 6/4724W and leave your comments on the comments page.

The Chairman, Lee Dooley, resigned from the Parish Council the following day.