Cheshire east’s own criteria for sustainable development in the countryside sets out the list below

The paddock would not meet any of the  criteria other than B

Amenity                                             recommended maximum distance (m)

A        shop selling food and fresh groceries          500

B          post box                                                                      500

C          playground/amenity area                                 500

D          post office                                                                 1000

E          bank or cash point                                                 1000

F           pharmacy                                                                   1000

G          primary school                                                         1000

H          medical centre                                                         1000

I            leisure facilities                                                        1000

J            community centre                                                 1000

K           public house                                                             1000

L            public park or village green                             1000

M          child care facility / crèche                                   1000

N           bus stop                                                                        500

O           railway station                                                        2000

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