Byley, Cranage & Lower Peover vs F. P. McCann – 17/01610/S73

Tuesday 1st August is the next Planning Committee Meeting.

  • F.P. McCann have applied to work much longer hours – 6am until 10pm.
  • This will mean more traffic before 6am when the workers arrive.
  • More traffic after 10pm when the workers go home.
  • More HGV lorries bringing raw materials.
  • More HGV lorries taking away finished products.
  • Therefore more chances of road accidents – it is only a matter of time before another serious accident
  • Therefore more pollution.
  • Therefore more noise.
  • Therefore More disruption for our rural community.

The Planners are ignoring the past history; we feel misleading the Planning Committee Councillors; appear to be ignoring the county council solicitor’s legal advice over the King’s Lane/B5081 road junction all of which we can’t understand and want to know why?

If you can support your Parish Council please do so by attending the meeting in Chester at 4pm Tuesday 1st August.
Room G1, HQ Building, 58 Nicholas Street, Chester, CH1 2NP.

Your attendance will strengthen our case in that it shows residents are concerned and against this application.
Many thanks
John Beecroft
Byley Village Parish Council Chairman

– Thanks for your support so far, if lifts are needed please contact me on [email protected]