Printed below is the official news statement sent out by Cheshire east on the 11th of January 2017.

Following discussions between Cheshire East Council and Cheshire West and Chester Council, Cheshire East will now determine the application as it applies to land situated within the Cheshire East boundary and Cheshire West and Chester will determine that portion of the application site sitting within the CWAC borough.

This will mean that the applicant will be asked to submit two fresh planning applications, one to each authority.

Letters explaining this outcome are to be sent to all interested parties, including residents living near the site in Cranage and this will be done without delay.

This is good news for all those who have been involved in lobbying to stop this development for now at least,

so well done to Fiona bruce our MP who opposed it from the start.
Well done to andrew kolker and les gilbert our Cheshire east councillors.
Well done to the two action groups residents against the quarry and the residents action group who organised and distributed details about the planning application to all residents by pounding the streets
Well done to the over three hundred residents that sent objection to Cheshire east.
Well done to those that sent items in to this web platform for publication to a wider audience.

Shame on cranage parish council or at least parts of it, at last Tuesdays meeting residents heard from two now ex councillors who objected to three serving councillors and called for them to resign on the grounds of they were biased in opposing the sibelco application.they went on to criticize this chronicle web page for printing what they say are untruths and miss information.

The facts are that the three councillors have been hamstrung from taking part in one meeting and faced opposition by the now ex-councillor who was chairman.

The residents in the room heard this outburst with some disbelief, and a number of them contacted the chronicle to say how disgusted they were by their actions.

The council had yet a further chance to back residents, but chose not to overturn the decision they put forward to Cheshire east  of a no objection letter to the planning proposal

But let’s not lose sight of that this fight is not over, sibelco will in all probability re submit a new more robust application, and to all those that wrote to Cheshire east you will need to do it again under the new application number

We will provide that information when we have it to hand.

Perhaps this time if they still exist the parish council might like to get involved and distribute a letter informing all residents when it happens and ask for residents views before deciding on their decision.

official statement by Cheshire east  sent to

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