In the week that they can approve the somewhat absurb cost of replacing the Trident nuclear missile system which will come to at least £205bn, far more than previously estimated, according to figures drawn up by the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND).  (but that’s a conversation for another day, but think of it £205 billion pounds and like most projects of this ilk once they start specking out the optional extras the final figure could have an extra 50{41d8691ba718a018d53949c5ba603eea82bf50655d76ebb1e68f94519c671f35} on but hey ho we will find it some where and last time we checked it did not stop terrorists)

Back to the plan, as you all know the noise and pollution never goes away and we have received a copy of the following letter which came from Fiona Bruce MP which contains a letter from Andrew Jones in relation getting extra noise barriers installed whilst they do the work.

They would be considered poor value for money under an assessment of their costs and benefits!

You can see the full letter here Fiona Bruce Reply

But now with the constant changes in parliament and who is in charge we  have Chris Grayling MP who currently (19th July 2016) is the new transport minister and a localish person so residents are now considering letters to him to raise the case