A short story from a 91 year old a resident of Cranage who has lived here all her life.

Just a few words concerning the Paddock on Middlewich Road. I myself being an old Cranage resident feel very strongly about it all. I had Grandparents living at Mr Hopley’s, the end of Twemlow Lane, also Grandparents living at the Old Lodge in Cranage Woods so spent some time walking and playing in the Paddock. Most summer evenings were spent in and around the area which were very, very Happy Days to me. Please don’t take them away. This is The Big Stone Area. Having lived here almost 60 years it really does upset we older people. The Big Stone should never have been buried it was our land mark. Once we used to hold a Rose Day when all children wore fancy dress and danced (just passed on). This at my Grandparents.

cranage paddock